Outdoor Sale ● Banana

Outdoor Sale ● Banana

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Feeling a bit bananas? Then this set of fun fruit is for you. The banana looks great when it’s mounted on both sides of the helmet so it looks like the banana goes through your head. That being said, as with all Helmet Flair™ products, you are welcome to attach them wherever you want.

For those who will be breaking the sound barrier on their motorcycles or doing activities such as skydiving or whitewater, grab a pair of Speed Tabs (sold separately). They will more permanently attach your Flair to the Nubbin. All good if you're not looking to swap them out or spin them around.

Be aware that with snow sports helmets, the band for the goggles can cover the best place to mount the bananas. The banana works best with bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets and skateboard helmets.

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